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“Snakes are some of nature’s most resourceful creatures, and if life weighs down on them, they shed their skin and start anew. ” – J.K. Rowling

When creating this blog, the word “lionheart” kept popping into my head. Bravery, confidence, pride. A lion boldly charges toward its prey. Now, in contrast, think about a viper’s strategy for hunting. A viper stays low to the ground, lashes its fangs out, and with a snap of its jaw the prey is dying without even realizing whats happened. The viper may not have any limbs, and it may not have the brute strength of a lion, but it can kill its prey with ease. The viper is calculated, and doesn’t give its opponent the benefit of knowing what’s coming to them.

I see a comparison between the viper’s attack and the way women rise up into power, leadership, and success. How many times are we totally unaware of a woman’s talent, and suddenly her explosive success is a surprise to those around her? Women over the ages have lept from the ground to take a bite of what is theirs. She doesn’t need physical strength, she doesn’t use force or scare tactics, and she doesn’t ask permission – she asserts herself into taking what is hers.

That fire, that urge to hunt, is passion. Passion is the venom that we can use to push forward and face our challenges, or poison ourselves with discouragement. This blog strives to inspire our inner serpentine selves to to take leaps without fear. And when the going gets tough, to shed that old skin and start anew.

viperheart talks about the topics that we love discussing – clothes, makeup, boys (and girls), nerdiness – but also the importance of self-care, self-love, and finding peace with oneself. The mission of viperheart is to cultivate beauty, inside and out.

About Mara


I started out my fashion career the summer before my senior year of college, at a public relations firm called Michele Marie PR. I set those those style dreams aside, though, when I was offered a position at my alma mater upon graduation. I love working in higher education, but there was definitely a hole in my life that only a creative outlet could fill.

I’ve also been very fortunate to have had so many amazing female role models in my life, professionally and personally. I’m truly inspired by and grateful to them, and hope I can pay it forward by sharing their wisdom with you.

Sorted into Slytherin on Pottermore, I have come to embrace my serpentine traits of ambition and leadership. I prefer to be thought of as more of a Regulus Black type of Slytherin than that of his cousin, Bellatrix LaStrange. I am admittedly a huge Potterhead, and even have a deathly hallows tattoo.

Mara lives with her Mr. Big in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Together, they run a small zoo of a sweet pitt bull named Lady, a silly mutt named Rocco, and two rambunctious cats named Mika and Willow.

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