Meal Kit Review: Home Chef

Welcome to Meal Kit Review!

I’ll be ordering meal kits from various brands, cooking them, and letting you know how good they actually are before you commit to buying. When possible, I’m also going to get you a promo to sweeten the deal.

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The Recipe:

Image result for home chef mushroom parmesan penne pasta
Mushroom Parmasan Penne Pasta – Home Chef

The Ingredients:


All of the ingredients are fresh and minimally processed. They come in a box with about 100 ice packs in it, so the food is kept cold for when it gets to your door. You will need some basic ingredients on hand like olive oil, butter, salt, pepper… the rest is taken care of for you.

The Prep:

The directions were overall fairly easy to follow. They have you multitasking by chopping vegetables while water boils and prepping the garlic bread to toast while the sauce is simmering, so that got a little complicated. I also kind of burnt the onions… I’ve done at least five weeks of meal kits, but I can’t get one done without burning something. Prep time was true to the recipe – about 35 minutes.

The Result:


I really liked it! The servings looked really small when I was prepping, but it made two very generous plates. The recipe was so simple that I could easily recreate it by going to the store and picking up a few things. I’d like to add chicken to it the next time to get some protein, and maybe some more vegetables like broccoli.


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