Boujee versus Broke: Winter Coats

In my opinion, coats are always worth the investment.
Beyonce Knowles in white fur coat gif

They’re one of those closet staples that will last year to year, and, let’s face it – they serve a very functional purpose, so quality is important.

However – not everyone has the account balance to be able to afford these investment pieces.

Macklemore Thrift Shop Brown Fur Coat Gif

So, along with my favorites, I’ve also hand-picked some cheaper alternatives that are a little easier on your wallet (you’re welcome).

Note: I’m totally biased towards J.Crew when it comes to outerwear (you’ll see). It’s not my fault that they make such killer coats, okay? They’re not paying me to push their designs. But hey – If you want to throw a free coat my way, J.Crew… Hit me up.

1) The Furnace

I could not survive a winter in Pennsylvania without a long puffer jacket. I own this investment piece from L.L.Bean – It’s convenient for pretty much anywhere that I have to be in sub-freezing temperatures for more than 15 seconds. I was super happy to drop hundreds for comfy warmth. Next, the Old Navy doppelganger offers a similar color, length and plush-lining for like 20ish percent of the price.

The Investment Piece:

l.l.bean maine mountain parka women in green
Maine Mountain Parka – L.L.Bean
Full Price: $399.00

The Look-Alike:

Old Navy Long Frost-Free Hooded Parka in Green
Frost-Free Hooded Parka – Old Navy
Full Price: $69.99

2) The Fancy Nancy

From winter weddings to work parties, your ski jacket doesn’t exactly pair well with your formal wear. Throw this over your dress-up to be warm and look hot. I own this investment piece and I did splurge for the Thinsulate extra layer of warmth. I’ve had it for four years now and am still confident with my purchase. The bargain version from H&M offers the same glamour at a much more reasonable price point. 

The Investment Piece:

Italian double-cloth wool lady day coat with Thinsulate J.Crew
Double-Cloth Lady Day Coat – J.Crew
Full Price: $350.00

The Look-Alike:

Wrapover Coat Black H&M
Wrapover Coat – H&M
Full Price: $69.99

3) Fall’s First Chill

Looks like a sweater, keeps you warm like a coat. Not overly bulky, perfect for that crisp autumn weather. The J.Crew piece, as all J.Crew, is an awesome quality purchase that will definitely hold up for several seasons to come. If you’re on a budget though, Old Navy’s coat-igan still gives you the same look for a lower price!

The Investment Piece:

Cobalt Blue Wrap Sweater Coat in Boiled Wool at J.Crew
Wrap Coat in Boiled Wool – J.Crew
Full Price: $168.00

The Look-Alike:

Patterned Open Front Cardigan Coat Cardi-Coat Old Navy
Open Front Cardi-Coat – Old Navy
Full Price: $34.99

4) The Weekender

The SZA of coats! This coat will take you from Friday’s happy hour to Sunday’s brunch. I love a good pop of color in the gray blah of winter, and both the splurge and the steal offer bright color options. Now in this coat I’ve actually found a near-exact replica to J.Crew’s iconic Cocoon in its factory store. I’m infatuated with the quality of J.Crew’s coats, but if money’s tight, the look-alike is definitely a worthy alternative.

The Investment Piece:

Cocoon coat in Italian stadium-cloth wool J.Crew
Cocoon Coat – J.Crew
Full Price: $350.00

The Look-Alike:

City coat J.Crew Factory
City Coat – J.Crew Factory
Full Price: $159.50

5)The Warm Worker

Look, I don’t care if you’re a company’s vice president or an intern – you can’t walk into work with a Columbia fleece pulled over your suit. Office attire requires outerwear to match, and these coats fit that bill. The Zara splurge is reminiscent of the coat your grandfather wore to and from work. I call it Mid-Century Chic. The knock-off from ModCloth offers a similar retro look at a lower price.

The Investment Piece:

Checked Coat – Zara
Full Price: $249.00

The Look-Alike

Set for the Solstice Coat by ModCloth
Set for the Solstice Coat – ModCloth
Full Price: $129.99
Which coats do you think you would invest in, and which ones would you go with the cheaper look-alike? Let me know in the comments!

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