My Anaconda DO! 10 Fall Snakeskin Essentials

Snakeskin is in, bitches.

snake gif

In second grade, our class pet was a python named Floyd. Yes, a python. Named after the band, our teacher would have us push all our desks together in the middle of the room to watch him slide around our quick made table and eat frozen mice. That’s Catholic grade school for you.

I’m so grateful for that teacher, because I was introduced to snakes at a young age, before I could understand that they were something to be feared. Snakes are fearsome, and yet they’re such beautiful creatures – their movement, their coils, their skin.

Swifty’s slithery “Look What You Made Me Do” video reminded me of how fascinated I am by snakes. Snakeskin feels powerful, sassy, and brave. It evokes opposition to cookie cutter femininity – pink, warm and fuzzy.

Here are my top picks for sliding snakeskin into my wardrobe – you’ll be seeing me in a lot of these this fall!

1) The Phone Skin

Serpent Phone Case by Zero Gravity
Zero Gravity Embroidered Phone Case

My first serpentine purchase of the season. How sick is that embroidery?!

2) The Flats

Audrey glitter flats by J.Crew

Audrey Glitter Flats – J. Crew

Get your slithery sparkle on!

3) The Jumpsuit

Catherine Catherine Malandrino Campbell Snake Print Halter Jumpsuit - Available at Nordstrom
Campbell Halter Jumpsuit – Catherine Malandrino

So sick. I can’t even.

4) The Bodysuit

Cosabella Bisou Tex Snakeskin Thong Bodysuit - Available at Nordstrom
Cosabella Bisou Tex Thong Bodysuit

The night out top that’s fanged and fierce.

5) The Slip-On

Classic Slip-On Metallic Snake Sneaker - Available at Free People
Vans Classic Slip-On Metallic Snake Sneaker

This killer shoe WON’T kill your feet. I’m a fan.

6) The Reversible Tote

Reversible Vegan Crossbody in Snake Print - Available at Free People
Reversible Vegan Crossbody

No animals (not even snakes!) were harmed in the making of this bag. Isn’t that just peachy?

7) The Earrings

Snake-Printed Leather Drop Earrings - Available at Anthropologie
Snake-Printed Leather Drop Earrings

Earlobes + Snakeskin = OTP

8) The Blue Hue Boots

Vanessa Wu Snake-Printed Ankle Booties - Available at Anthropologie
Vanessa Wu Snake-Printed Ankle Booties

Snakeskin and boots are an obvious pairing. However – these bad-ass blue booties are definitely worth the mention.

9) The Casual Cap

August Hats Snake-Print Baseball Cap - Available at Macy's
August Hats Snake-Print Baseball Cap

For when your mane is looking a little like Medusa’s… I got you covered, babe.

10) The Skirt

product photo
Banana Republic x Olivia Palermo Button-Wrap Skirt

Liv P is my GIRL. This skirt is to die for.

Are you into the snakeskin trend? Comment below and post pics/links of other snakeskin ideas!

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